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Well hello there and thanks for checking out Robert Packar Photography. I am Robert Packar, the proprietor of this establishment. I hope you've enjoyed your visit and my portfolio so far...if you haven't seen all of it yet just click the portfolio icon on the menu above and select a category. I would also suggest clicking on the Services Menu icon to peruse what I offer in order to assist you and your clients in creating something wonderful.


To give you a little background on myself, I can start at the beginning of being born as a 2nd generation South Floridian. I grew up locally in Hollywood, Florida, during the golden age of when you rode a bike without a helmet or didn't wear a seatbelt while driving. Cameras were different back then too. With no digital format, film was used and you really needed to know your camera settings to get the correct exposure for your shot. Then spend hours processing the negative in a chemically fueled darkroom to get the picture just right. Ahhh, the good 'ole days. Shortly after graduating from "The U" aka The University of Miami, where I studied photography and business communications, I made the move to go from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, CA and pursue a career in media and entertainment. Now I am back in Miami and I have the opportunity to follow my true passion to be a full-time photographer/videographer and build a boutique studio focused on providing a high-quality product driven by superior customer service coupled with a timely delivery of final assets.



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